Are you Cute-Hot, Sexy-Hot, or a Lizard Demigod?


Every girl is hot in her own unique way! Take this quiz to find out what makes you most attractive. 😉

Your perfect date would be…

A) A trip to the local amusement park– it can’t get more romantic than holding hands at the top of a ferris wheel!

B) A rock concert– There’s nothing better than dancing, drinking, and having a good time!

C) The catacombs deep beneath your city– You get a kick out of exploring, new adventures, and bathing in the blood of the damned!

Your drink of choice at a party is…

A) Anything sweet and pink, like a Cosmo.

B) Something hard and smooth, like whisky on the rocks.

C) The soul of a mortal foolish enough to doubt the evils that dwell deep within you.

When you see a hottie making eyes at you from across the bar, you…

A) Glance over every few moments and bat your eyes flirtatiously.

B) Wink and seductively beckon him closer.

C) Swallow a rat whole to prove your dominance.

TGIF! It’s Friday night and you are most likely…

A) Popping popcorn, watching movies, and gabbing with your girl friends.

B) Going to a club, doing shots, and dancing with new people.

C) Summoning ancient demons, chanting, and sacrificing live chickens.

You’re getting dressed up for a big night out, choose a manicure!





Time for the results! If you answered mostly…

A) You’re cute! You are sweet, flirty, and charming. People love to spend time with you, and you often catch people gazing into your eyes.

B) You’re sexy! You are fierce, bold, and passionate. Your alluring edge draws people in and makes you unforgettable.

C) You’re a lizard demigod! You have likely been placed under a curse by the devil himself. Once people get past your tough exterior they have the pleasure of discovering that deep down you are evil in its purest form.

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