The Definitive Ranking of Every LaCroix Flavor, Alphabetically

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1. Apricot: You may be surprised by my number 1 pick, but you have to admit, A is the first letter of the alphabet.

2. Berry: A hot contender, the classic Berry almost nabbed the top spot, but was just barely edged out.

3. Cherise Limon: You might be asking yourself “what the heck is this?” the truth is it’s just a fancy French branding of the trendy cherry lime, which I would rank identically.

4. Coconut: A lot of people are going to be angry about this one! It may not be everyone’s favorite, but you can’t deny Coconut a place on this list. This place in the middle of the Cs, specifically.

5. Cran-Raspberry: A personal favorite of mine, I would almost rank this one higher, if it weren’t for all those other C flavors.

6. Kiwi Sandia: In my perfectly honest opinion, adding kiwi to the summery watermelon is what really pushed this flavor so much higher on my list. It truly adds an entirely new dimension.

7. La Cola: I am as surprised as you are that this flavor edged out so many classics, but ultimately I knew it was the right decision to rank La Cola right before the other L named flavors.

8. Lemon: Just when you’re least expecting it, tried and true Lemon comes into play.

9. Lime: Although it is recognized as one of the brand’s highest sellers, Lime was run out by its frequent collaborator, Lemon. But just barely!

10. Mango: Falling right in the middle of my ranking, team player Mango falls just a little bit short of the citrus-y heavy hitters.

11. Melon Pomelo: A solid middle of the road ranking for a solid middle of the road flavor. No qualms here.

12. Mure Pepino: Look I don’t speak French and I had to Google what the heck Mure means. Turns out it could have been a real heavy hitter, had the company decided to go in a more American direction. Sorry buddy, you missed out!

13. Orange: Surprise! Another citrus sneaking in. I don’t know what to tell you, all the M flavors forced this guy’s ranking lower than I expected.

14. Pamplemousse: Perhaps the most popular, this flavor falls victim to its own hubris, averting societal naming standards for a hip, bilingual alternative. Unfortunately, this forced me to drop the flavor much lower on this list than I would care to admit.

15. Passionfruit: Just barely beat out by the effervescent Pamplemousse, I was pushed to rank the apparently existent flavor Passionfruit down a notch. Are you still reading this list?

16. Peach Pear: I have not yet been given the opportunity to bless my taste buds with this flavor, and for that I offer my sincerest condolences on placing it in the final quarter of my list. So it goes.

17. Piña Fraise: There was nothing I could do to stop this. The feisty newcomer was forced into this spot, and here I am stuck with yet another P flavor.

18. Pomme Baya: Perhaps the most tragic victim of the language barrier, the apple cranberry seltzer came very close to coming out on top, but due to unfortunate circumstances, and some hefty setbacks, was forced much, much lower on my list. Better luck next year, Pomme.

19. Pure: Trash. Deserves it.

20. Tangerine: This poor, sweet boy was absolutely creamed by the competition. It never stood a chance. Unless of course Sandia decides to slow its French roll for a moment, or La Croix writes me back about my idea for a Vinegar flavor.


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