Republican Friend Just Wants To Have A Friendly Conversation Before Taking Away Your Healthcare


It’s me, the republican friend you met in college that you don’t really speak to, but remain Facebook friends with because you forgot about me until this moment. I’m here commenting on your Facebook feed! I’m pressuring you to keep it friendly, even though my opinions directly threaten your life and wellbeing, but don’t you dare mention that because your feelings about living are opinions and not the cold, hard facts that I get from my favorite news source brightfart .com. The thing is, I’m healthy, my wife had a child and I paid the hospital bill! I know sick people and I feel bad for them, but think about my premiums! I don’t care about your cervical cancer or your chronic illness, you should be stronger. I’m not going to call you a slut to your face, but we both know how cervical cancer happens and I am definitely going to tell my wife behind your back. Sick people just need to take some personal responsibility, like I did when my dad co-signed for my house loan. I’ve never had a helping hand! Okay, thanks for the friendly discussion.


Reminder: Resistance Recess isn’t over. Call your senators and demand action. The House healthcare bill is dangerous according to its CBO score and the American people deserve better.

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