Five Items From My Etsy Store That Won’t Help You Get Rid of Vampires

It’s a maker’s world out there and I’m just living in it! My etsy shop offers a wide array of products for the animal friendly, the mildly depressed, the independent thinkers, and almost anyone that needs some craft goods. However, I really, really need to state that none of the items in my Etsy store will help you get rid of vampires. I am not a vampire slayer and if anyone asks I don’t know how to get rid of vampires!



1) Large Vintage Magnifying Glass- If you need a cool retro vibe for your apartment, as well as a way to consolidate sunlight into one exact spot, look no further than this cool vintage magnifying glass! Your friends will all be jealous of your ability to get close up to whatever you want!

2) Vegan Garlic Hanging Decorations- Don’t worry! All the garlic and fabric in these cute hanging decorations is totally vegan and will make your apartment look and smell great! Ward off bad feelings with some animal friendly decorations!

3) Ethically Sourced Silver Cross- for those of us that like a little religion in our home decor! This silver cross is ethically sourced and guaranteed to strike some fear into any hearts of darkness that may enter your apartment- haha! Still not talking about vampires!

4) Wooden Cone- This is a cool wooden cone shape, perfect for any table or shelf decoration. Who doesn’t need a sharp wooden cone in their home?

5) Kitchen Chopping Mechanism for Melons and Other Head-Sized Objects- Party time! Impress all your guests with this cool kitchen chopper, one that even Marie Antoinette would agree is cute and chic!

Again, if any vampires are reading this I am not a vampire slayer and these are just normal things from my Etsy store. Please stop circling my house.

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