6 Crazy Facts About Weed You Won’t Believe Because I Just Made Them Up


1. The substance commonly known as “marijuana” is actually a combination of many distinct herbs and spices. Only one man knows the official recipe, and he won’t text me back.

2. Weed can be sold under many different code names, including Mary Jane, sticky icky, grass, green, pot, dope, reefer, heroin, dabs, pixie stix, grandpa’s ashes, a hearty bowl of soup, chumpk, the holy ghost, rikkitikkitavi, gold fingers, the Devil’s kale, bingo bungo, mr. Krimp and the Sandy Boys, evil Kermit, and dad candy.

3. You may know that many important figures throughout history have dabbled in the kind herb, but did you know that every single U.S. founding father was fully zooted off their gourd at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

4. Contrary to popular belief, it is legal to smoke weed in public, as long as you are wearing a very nice hat. Please contact your local authorities to determine if your hat fits these guidelines.

5. Although it is known as the “pot capital of the world,” Amsterdam actually does not exist.

6. Rachel’s boyfriend said he can get us like an 8th for free and even though whenever he comes over he touches my hair a little bit and it kinda weird me out, it’s okay because he’s actually hella dope and mad sick, and like a really nice guy once you get to know him so that’s rad.

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