Trend Alert: a Sweater So Slouchy You Can Crawl Inside and Die


Look, it Friday. The fact that you’re wearing anything other than sweat pants is impressive. You know that feeling of “still kind of sick and also pretty upset about a plethora of current events plus some weird life things and I just got my period and ugh is that a zit on my neck like seriously why there?” I have just the item for you. A piece so large, so immense, so vast; a sarcophagus of wool and cotton; a woven womb; a slouchy sweater. The more folds, the better. Crawl inside. Allow it consume you. Let go of the world outside. All you are and all you ever need to be is a little tiny speck in a sea of yarn. Nothing can hurt you. Nothing can even touch you. You are free. Chic!

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