Subtle Screams to Cover the Sound of Your Stomach Growling in a Meeting


As a woman, there’s nothing more embarassing than admitting your physical body needs sustenance. Have you ever found yourself in this unfortunate scenario: your body revealing its carnal needs audibly in front of your coworkers. So embarassing! Don’t be mortified by your stomach again. Here are some options of alternative noises you can subtly scream to cover up the growl.

AHHHHH! The classic screech, this one is a solid go to. Instantly recognizable, this piercing scream conveys the message “we are facing an extreme danger! But I am not in danger of being hungry! Hungry is for men!”

Eeeee! This wailing alternative to the standard scream will let your coworkers know just how delicate and feminine you are. You’re just a sweet girl! Eek, a spider! No bodily functions in sight!

Grrrrr! Show your stomach who’s boss through one-upping. I am fierce! I am a beast! My rampant hunger pangs aren’t scary, I’m scary!

Woohoooo! For a scream with a bit of flair, try this party girl holler to make you look fun, exciting, and flirty, not ravenous like a scrub.

Ack! The Classic Cathy! Nothing says “I’m an independent, carefree woman who never thinks about food” quite the same. Let your peers know you eat body dysmorphia for breakfast, and it tides you over all day.

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