I Fell Asleep on my Keyboard and Accidentally Got a Promotion


After a long, exhausting night of youtube videos and tortilla chips, I found myself even more sleepy than usual at work. The funny thing is, even though I ended up dozing off a little on my keyboard, I had the best day of my wholecareer.

So apparently I wrote the most detailed quarterly report anyone in the office has ever seen? And the only one in history to include word art and glitter?

Plus, I guess I had a record sales day? Honestly idk, I was on a spirit journey with a lizard who was also my dad and only spoke in vague tapping noises.

All my coworkers told me “keep up the good work!” as I was leaving, and also carried me around like an Egyptian goddess chanting my name, so I guess I’m doing something right.

Then, the craziest part, on my way out my boss gave me a raise and a $70 gift certificate to Chilli’s.

I guess I have to fall asleep on the job more often! All in a hard day’s work.

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