Health Corner! I Switched From 3 Meals Per Day to Eating 1 Peanut Every 7 Minutes


You’ve probably heard the advice before- doctors and nutritionists recommend swapping out your 3 square meals for smaller meals spaced out throughout the day. That’s why I decided to eat 1 full peanut every 7 minutes.

I’ve always been eager to try new diet plans, and it’s been such a relief to finally find one that works for me! I feel so full of energy, and nuts. The anticipation for my next peanut minute is what keeps me motivated throughout the day. I always have something to look forward to! I’m excited about the future again!

Diet trends come and go, and seem to change every single day. But now that I have a taste for the lifestyle, I can’t imagine going back to my old ways. My peanuts have become more than my peanuts. They are always there for me, every 7 minutes, on the minute. They are my rock.

And guess what guys? It’s peanut time!

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