Man Responds to Criticism by Never Speaking to You Again


She breathed in deeply. Try not to sound bitchy, don’t be too quiet, don’t immediately apologize for your feeling, don’t be too loud, don’t call anyone out personally, still get your feelings across though, they are valid feelings and you are allowed to have them.

“hey everyone, I think that lately I’ve felt like we as a group could do a better job of listening to each other.”

A siren began to sound. The floor opens up, revealing hot lava underneath them. All women within a hundred mile radius felt their hair stand on end.

Derek wasn’t taking this well. Everyone else in the room was equally as involved, but he’d chosen to take it personally. He was covered in sweat.

The walls began to shake.

“Wow, wow, wow. I just do my best around here but you’re not comfortable. What about me? How do you think I feel? I’m doing all the work pulling all the weight! Why are you attacking me?”

the roof ripped off the building. Steam began to pour out of Derek. He grew to three stories tall.

“What about how I feel? You think I have time to consider your feelings when I’m thinking about me?”

He swatted away a nearby helicopter.

“I don’t have to take this! I’m a respected man! I’ll take my talents somewhere else!”

Scaly wings grew out of his back.

“someday you’ll see you should have appreciated me!”

He flew into the sun.

The guy in charge looked at his notes as the room settled back to normal, “Caroline, next time speak to me before speaking to the group, you came off as a little aggressive.” He hadn’t responded to her last twelve emails about it.


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