The Best Groucho Glasses for Your Face Shape


Finding a flattering pair of glasses can be tricky, but knowing your face shape can help you findthe right look. Use the handy guide below to help choose your perfect pair.

Oval If you have a longer face with evenly width features, your face shape is oval. This is an exciting blank slate, as you can pull off almost any look! Seize the chance to experiment with textures and colors by going with a classic Groucho style.

Round A round face is characterized by youthful features and an equal height to width measurement. Look for a striking pair of frames that will add dimension and length to your face, such as a classic Groucho style.

Heart A heart shaped face features high cheek bones and a narrower chin. For the best look to flatter your dramatic features, go for something bold and playful, like a classic Groucho style.

Square Well chiseled angles and a 1:1 height/width ratio define a square face. Soften up your features with a curved look, or play up your angels with an experimental frame. Feel free to play with unique shapes, like those in a classic Groucho style.

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