Daddy Told me I’m His Prettiest Pawn (:


I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl–ever since I emerged from my gold crusted faberge egg, Daddy and I have had a special bond.

Every day, Daddy tells me I’m the most beautiful complicit figure in a scheme to endanger every non white/straight/male/rich member of society that he has ever seen. Aww!

People keep telling me I’m “dangerous to the feminist movement” due to my extreme white privilege and upheld views of traditional masculine power dynamics in societal and business settings. Dangerously hot, maybe!

I know Daddy would never let me down, our bond is as close as ever. We’re even going on a father/daughter trip to Moscow later this week!

How lucky am I to have Daddy, who values me for all my physical attractiveness, monetary success, and complacency in a system that actively represses people of all different backgrounds.

Daddy sure does love me!

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