I Found Out My Boyfriend is Sleeping With Russia But He Just Keeps Asking Me Who Leaked It


It started with random phone calls. I was like “who’s on the phone sweetie?” And he’d say “not Russia!” And I thought that was super weird. But, he said it was not Russia, so I was like whatever. Then, this old lady called me and was like “he’s talking to Russia” and I was like but did you hear him say he wasn’t? So that was also weird. Then, I picked up his phone one day when it was ringing and I was like “hey who’s this?” And a voice on the other end said, “not Russia” with a thick Russian accent! Okay, well he still said he wasn’t talking to Russia, so this could be just a series of coincidences. Then, one day I came home and Russia was there and I’d finally had enough. I yelled, “admit it, you’re sleeping with Russia!” But he still wouldn’t admit it! Then he started saying, “isn’t the bigger story here really all the leaks about Russia.” So, I feel crazy. Is my boyfriend sleeping with Russia or not???

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