In Defense of Weak Women

Sometimes, being a strong woman is nice. Sometimes, being told you are a strong woman is a nice compliment from a friend. Sometimes it’s okay to be a weak woman. Sometimes, it’s important to realize that women don’t have to be one thing. We can be weak and strong and happy and sad and smart and dumb and funny and boring. That’s what equality is, the right to not be just one thing.  This is my defense for weak women.

  1.  I get a lot of private messages from angry dudes. It’s easy to respond kindly and compassionately the first time. It’s easy to listen and understand the first time someone comes at me. However, after eight years of near vitriolic messages from some guys I went to high school with, sometimes I snap. Sometimes it’s easier to say “fuck you” and block them.
  2. I don’t have it all together. That’s a fucking myth. No one does. I cried the other day because I needed a nap and I didn’t want to vacuum. I never have the right groceries to make a meal. I respond to emails slowly. I do one thing at a time when I can do it.
  3. I love cardio. I have a hula hoop in my apartment. I hate lifting. I hate your t-shirt that says “cardio? Bitch, I lift”
  4. I can be petty as hell. I try to forgive and be the better person but really you shouldn’t have made fun of my weird outfit in third grade Stephanie and I’m glad you’re miserable now.

So be whoever you fucking are at whatever moment you want to be it. Women, you don’t have to be strong. Men, you don’t have to be strong either that’s what feminism is about. People who don’t identify as either gender, you can be strong or not too! We can all just fucking be and we don’t have to wear pants or lift weights or dress up like a greaser. Please stop making me dress up like a greaser. Please.

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