Poem for the President


We get it, you’re a narcissist.

You’ve made that incredibly clear.

We get it, you know how to pivot.

But, we the people (yah all of us) are still here.

Stop fucking tweeting.

Stop fucking signing harmful orders.

Stop with your blantant racism.

Stop admonishing reporters.

We get it, you’ve hired white supremacists, and made it clear you don’t care about women.

We get it, you disagree with physicists, and you’re not asking to be forgiven.

Stop fucking being the president.

Stop sending staffers out to lie.

Stop your administration.

Stop threatening nuclear warfare, we’ll all die.

We get it, you don’t want to resign, Obama hurt your feelings.

We get it, you’re violating the Constitution with your continued foreign dealings.

We get it, your supporters don’t seem to give a flying fuck.

We get it, they’ll only care once they lose their health insurance, and we are all out of luck.

Stop hating immigrants, don’t you see we need them.

Stop hating the queer community, don’t you see we need them.

Stop hating the Americans who really just need help, with birth control, or physical and mental health.

Stop hating everyone who isn’t just like you, we don’t need any more Donald Trump, resign Donny, we don’t need you.

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