How to Actually Be Helpful Today

Today, we watch a man become the 45th president of the United States, a man who has insulted us, threatened us, mocked us, and still people voted for him. 53% of white women who voted, voted for him. Voted for Donald Trump, reality star. 53% of white women, white women that I know, white women who are just like me, voted for him.  53% of women who look like me said “grab her by the pussy? Okay by me!” So, how do we be helpful?

1) Acknowledge we are part of the problem and be better. Don’t try to be better. Be fucking better. Do the work. Listen. Do not talk over women of color, just make sure their voices are heard. Take responsibility for your friends and family that did this because you didn’t want to “be political.”

2) Donate. The ACLU, the southern poverty law center, the NAACP, the abortion funds network, the transgender law center, the Trevor project, planned parenthood, find something that you don’t donate to, and donate to it. $5, $10, monthly. Put your money where your mouth wasn’t.

2) Be vocal. I get it. I’ve been told I’m annoying my whole life. A guy I was dating once told me I was too political. It’s easier to be nice and quiet. It’s better to be nice and loud. If you hear racism and sexism, call it out. Speak up. We have been standing idly by. Call your reps. You’re not too much.

3) Don’t stop. It’s easy to say these things today. Today, we look Donald Trump in the face. But as he takes less press conferences, as his cabinet moves discreetly, as moves are made beneath our noses, pay attention. Follow news, listen to podcasts, read. Be alert. We only have the future.

see you out there badass babes. img_5868

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