Get the Look: Adele “Busy-Mom” Hair


This summer, while holed up in a windowless hotel room in London (trying to sleep off some jet lag) I had the amazing opportunity to watch highlights from the Glastonbury Festival for you know, several hours because of said jet lag. While I enjoyed the various performances at the muddy grounds of Worthy Farm in Somerset, England, it was Adele’s performance and look that struck me the most. If you don’t know who Adele is, you must have just escaped from an underground bunker, but anyways, she’s an enormously talented singer and songwriter from London who has had several Platinum-selling albums, taken home armfuls of Grammy awards, and has the voice of a soulful angel. She’s been with her partner, Simon Konecki for the last five years and together they have one son who is four!  

So, Adele and I have A LOT in common. We’re both twenty-eight, we both like to sing in the shower, and we both have shoulder-length hair. She juggles major recording deals and an international touring schedule, I juggle recording episodes of my favorite international crime shows with my very busy social schedule. She has a husband and son to care for and spend time with, and I have a roommate and friendly neighbor-dog named Dexter who are surprisingly needy.


Anyways, back to the Glastonbury performance. Adele was her magical self – floating across the stage like the fairy godmother from Cinderella and venturing out into the barricaded space in between the stage and crowd to touch the hands of many of her fans and I silently cheered “work it, Adele!” Wearing a beautifully beaded black dress with trumpet sleeves, her makeup was simple (she sported strong brows and lightly blushed cheeks), and her hair! Oh her hair was perfect and easy and I immediately dubbed the look: Adele “busy mom” hair. See above image – she has taken clean hair and gently waved the front pieces of hair, leaving the back unfinished. GASP. The style is brilliant in its simplicity. Even the busiest moms and millienials (i.e. ME) can find the time to put four waves in in our hair.

Next time you find yourself rushing to get out of the house in time to pick up your kids, dry cleaning, or a fifth of whiskey before the liquor store closes, remember: Adele “busy mom” hair is the perfect, (and laziest) style to look both presentable and classy as fuck.


Editor’s Note: This post is a submission from HAILSTORM, whom you can find on Instagram at @hayleysdyer. Email if you are interested in contributing.

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