How to Hold a Funeral For Your Period Clots So You Don’t Go To Jail

1. First, make sure you name them. I have some ideas for this: Greg, Abbott, Dan, Patrick. Just some zany ideas from me!
2. Put on a black outfit of some kind, don’t risk a white dress on your period sweetie! What if you leaked and someone saw and thought it was just a bodily function!
3. Play a really sad song. Feel free to tweet your local representatives and see if they have any suggestions because they obviously think their opinion matters. I bet Greg Abbot would like “The Dance” by Garth Brooks
4. Remember that even though you’re a real human and in charge of your own body; the Texas government would beg to differ because they think they’re in charge of your body, what bathroom it uses, and what comes out of it. Small government, except not for you sweetie, no you don’t know what’s best.


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