The Jurors From 12 Angry Men, Ranked by Hotness

Twelve angry men all together in the same room? Don’t mind if I do! Am I right, ladies? Here are all the jurors from the classic film 12 Angry Men ranked from Hottest to Nottest. 😉

1. Juror Number 8


This intelligent hottie fights for justice and compassion and is NOT afraid to call out his fellow Straight White Men on their ignorance and privilege. Fuck me UP, daddi! The only drawback is knowing that no matter how much he cares for you, the true love of his life will always be Reasonable Doubt.

2. Juror Number 12


What if I told you this chiseled, indecisive babe is sexy, funny and has that 1950’s New York City advertising money? Uh, Don Draper, who???

3. Juror Number 1


I don’t know about you, but I love me a cutie with a cool head. This dutiful, debonaire high school football coach can take me to the soda fountain any day!

4. Juror Number 7


Loves baseball? Check! Wears cool hats? Check! Constantly on the go even when people’s lives are at stake? SUPER check! Let this sports fan sweep you off your feet with his fast-paced lifestyle

5. Juror Number 4


We women are so emotional. Which is why we need unfeeling, rational-minded men to help us keep our feet on the ground and to remind us to look at the facts! With Juror Number 4, your silly feelings will never get the best of you again.

6. Juror Number 5


This woke bae knows exactly what it’s like to be an underprivileged latino youth, because he too has lived in a poor neighborhood before! Soothe his traumatic memories away with that sweet, sweet loving.

7. Juror Number 11


He’s a tiny bit past his prime, but who doesn’t get weak in the knees around a well-spoken, well-mannered European?

8. Juror Number 9


He may be long retired, but that doesn’t make him any less adorable. In his younger days, I bet Juror Number 9 was a real lady killer (metaphorically, of course!) with his sharp insights and kind heart.

9. Juror Number 6


Ah, the reserved but cordial gentleman who leaves us craving more. We’ve all been there. Who is he? We just don’t know. But maybe that’s for the best. A little mystery goes a long way.

10. Juror Number 2


He seems like a real sweetie, but it’s just really hard to get past that voice. Let this be a lesson to you men out there. Assertiveness and confidence are important qualities in a potential beau.

11. Juror Number 3


Sometimes anger issues can be hot! But not this time. You’re scaring us, man. Get right with your son.

12. Juror Number 10


This guy would definitely be a Donald Trump fan. 

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