I’ve Made the Library my Bitch and it Feels F*@%ing Great



YOU GUYS! I have to tell you about this place I’ve discovered. It’s called the PUBLIC LIBRARY.


Okay, okay, so I haven’t just learned about the library. I went there a lot when I was a kid and then as a teenager to use their giant whiteboards to work out chemistry problems, and then in college I practically lived in the libraries on campus, so the place isn’t entirely new to me. BUT I have recently started taking advantage of the wonderful things the library offers and it makes me OH SO HAPPY.


As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on books in her lifetime, it’s kind of amazing to think “oh I can check that out at the library! No need to buy that ridiculously expensive hardcover book for book club this month!” BAM! I can pick up free books whenever I want to and I can even go online and place a request for it to come straight to me. WHAT THE WHAT? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? It’s so easy!


I know I was hit especially hard when Blockbuster went bust. (No pun intended, I swear!) In college, we had two different franchises in town and since they were separate, you could rack up late fees at one and just DRIVE TO THE OTHER and be able to rent movies without having to pay them! (I played the system, my friends.) Well anyways, when Blockbuster left the market I just stopped watching movies because I’m really afraid of bootlegging stuff off the internet. WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW – the library basically has every movie ever made. EVERY ONE! I recently rented 101 Dalmatians and Mask (starring Cher) in the same day! SO GREAT! Who needs Blockbuster when your tax dollars go toward purchasing DVDs for your city?!


The last few Sundays my friends and I have spent the day making brunch and watching flicks borrowed from the library. It’s amazing how nice it is to sit around and drink mimosas while watching films from your childhood. Get a library card and you can do it too! Make the library your bitch and see how fun it can be.




Editor’s Note: This post is a submission from HAILSTORM, whom you can find on Instagram at @hayleysdyer. Email SuperGlooze@gmail.com if you are interested in contributing.

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