How To Text Your Parents About The Election

Politics and family? Psh, don’t mix ‘Em! But if you do feel the need to express how institutionalized racism and sexism played a part in the election of America’s newest Commander-in-Chief (I’ll pause while you think about how that’s his official title), then you have to text your parents about this election. Maybe, they didn’t vote for him, maybe they voted third party or for Hillary or cried while writing in Marco Rubio’s name, but if you’re white, statistically they probably did vote for him, or their friends did, and statistically, you probably did to.

1. Start with a joke! Keep it lighthearted! “Haha, can you believe the country just elected a person who wants to take away my health insurance? You see that cervical cancer that rendered my woman making parts useless and made me question my value as a woman (haha institutionalized sexism) could be considered a pre-existing condition! So if we get rid of Obamacare, insurances are no longer required to cover me! I hope science lets me live forever! Hahahah
2. Good good. You’re in, people love jokes about your cervical cancer. “Why are people so afraid? Haha because Donald Trump is very spoopy.” No, no no, they’re afraid because they think Trump is going to deport their families, break up the people that they love, make their marriages null and void, leave people without healthcare. They’re afraid to walk down the street wearing their skin because of the things that he has said. These are all real and valid fears, based on things he’s said. I know a lot of his supporters don’t believe all these things, but some of them do, and he does, or at least he says he does, and we elected him.
3. “We?” We. I voted for Hillary and donated to Hillary, but I could’ve done more. I could’ve spoken up more. I could’ve made more voices heard. I could’ve talked to the people in my life about why I wasn’t supporting Trump and I could’ve talked to the women that I knew were.
4. “Okay, you’ve made me feel a little better Darcy, I think we all want what’s best for our country.” We do. But there’s one more reason I’m scared Mom and dad. You’ve always told me to speak my mind and think about things critically and that I could do whatever I wanted, but I feel like the nation just told me I can’t. You see, a few weeks ago, a uniformed officer made me roll down my car window and he put his whole arm and head inside my car, I could see his wedding ring, and asked me if I was taking him home that night. And I was so scared because this man was wearing a uniform, and I felt powerless. And we just put a man, who has said and done worse things than that, in the most powerful uniform of all, the Presidency.
5. Close with an emoji so they know you’re okay. Maybe a smiley face or a thumbs up. If you’re feeling like the convo got way too heavy, maybe close with a gif.




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