How to Vote for Hillary Clinton This Election



1. Dress in red, white, and blue completely. Bonus points for an entire Uncle Sam outfit. Bonus points if you are Hillary Clinton.
2. Make sure you are registered to vote in this election.
3. Drive to your polling place and mark a vote next to Hillarys name. If you’re in a mail-in only state, send in your ballot.
4.  Start crying because you just voted to elect a woman to the highest elected office in our country, and not just any woman, Hillary Clinton, a supremely qualified, courageous, intelligent woman who is working to make our country better for all people, whether they vote for her or not.
5. Run out of the polling place, or your house, whenever you voted from, screaming “I JUST VOTED FOR HILLARY!” at the top of your lungs until someone tells you to stop, and when someone does, play some Beyoncé on your phone at them.

This is our moment. Embrace it.


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