Great Thanksgiving Dinners to Eat in Our New Fascist Regime

So, you’re not going home for thanksgiving this year. It was a tough choice, but you’ve made it, and now you need some help with what to eat on thanksgiving when you aren’t going to spend it awkwardly trying to avoid talking about the election that just happened. You’ve spent the days since the election following people on twitter, retweeting, calling your reps, donating, and trying to do anything you can to cope with what just happened. Meanwhile our president-elect has spent it, sneaking away from reporters, tweeting about how musical theater nerds are bullies, bringing his kids to meetings with foreign diplomats, and oh yah settling a fraud lawsuit for $25 million dollars. So, do you microwave some ham? Do you eat an entire green bean casserole alone while you watch Gilmore girls?

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How To Text Your Parents About The Election

Politics and family? Psh, don’t mix ‘Em! But if you do feel the need to express how institutionalized racism and sexism played a part in the election of America’s newest Commander-in-Chief (I’ll pause while you think about how that’s his official title), then you have to text your parents about this election. Maybe, they didn’t vote for him, maybe they voted third party or for Hillary or cried while writing in Marco Rubio’s name, but if you’re white, statistically they probably did vote for him, or their friends did, and statistically, you probably did to.

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