Create Your Own Internet Comment, 2016 Election Season Edition

Finding fresh new ways to tear down strangers on the internet is hard. Use this handy guide to help determine what your next hate filled political comment should be.


Listen here you

Day of Birth

  • 1-8: sexist
  • 9-15: racist
  • 16-24: brainwashed
  • 25-31: PC

Month of Birth

  • January: libtard!
  • February: republican’t!
  • March: feminist!
  • April: Bernie Bro!
  • May: Trump Head!
  • June: Ho for Hillary!
  • July: trophy wife!
  • August: flat earth denier!
  • September: cuck!
  • October: Ken Boner!
  • November: human equivalent of getting the Star Spangled Banner stuck in your head, but just the tuba part!
  • December: homo!

I know about your

Favorite Color

  • Red: ties to the Illuminati.
  • Orange: Calvin Coolidge body pillow.
  • Yellow: penis fetish.
  • Green: string of grizzly murders throughout Northern California in the late 1960s to early 1970s.
  • Blue: sex tape with Marco Rubio.
  • Purple: addiction to toilet water.
  • Pink: nude photo shoot at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Black: clone.

I’m going to

First Initial

  • A-C: deport your family
  • D-F: build a wall around your home
  • G-I: move to Canada
  • J-L: take your dad on a dinner date
  • M-O: eat your poison skittles
  • P-R: grab you by the 🐈
  • S-V: delete your account
  • W-Z: take your ass to Red Lobster

if you

Last Initial

  • A-C: keep letting the liberal media brain wash you.
  • D=F: try to take away my sweet ass guns.
  • G-I: try to tell me Tim Kaine isn’t sexy.
  • J-L: vote for that slut.
  • M-O: vote for that prude.
  • P-R: don’t check your privilege.
  • S-V: post another political meme.
  • W-Z: don’t apologize to Jeb Bush right now.

Hair Color

  • Blonde: Thanks, Obama!
  • Red: Deplorable!
  • Black: Bernie or Bust!
  • Brown: Sorry sweetie!
  • Other: FCUK !

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