7 Signs He’s Attracted to Me

Losing sleep wondering if the cute guy you’ve had your eye on is attracted to me? We’ve all been there! Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you think to figure out whether a man is sexually interested in me. Here are a few simple tells.

1. He Remembers My Name

Men. They can hardly be bothered to remember to velcro their dicks on each morning. So when a man remembers my name? You bet he wants this, and he wants it bad.

 2. He Calls Me “Bro” and “Buddy”

Your man may call you “gorgeous,” “babe” or “fire of my loins,” but he calls me “my dude.” Sorry! (Not sorry, lol.)

3.  He Looks at Me When We Talk

When a man looks me in the eye while speaking, guess what! That’s right, he’s super attracted to me. Some call it a sign of basic respect. I call it thiiiiirsty!

4. He Can’t Bring Himself to Look at Me When We Talk

Sometimes I get a little irritated when a man can’t look at me directly in conversation. But then I remember he’s just intimidated by his unmitigated yearning for me, body and soul! A hot tip for all you guys out there: a little confidence goes a long way toward getting into my pants.

5. He Dates My Friends

A classic technique men use to get to me is hitting on, getting to know and entering into committed relationships with my friends. Sometimes, they even come to me first to ask for my friends’ numbers. They’re trying to make me jealous, obvi! Unfortunately for them, I see right through their long-term partnerships with Jessica. Sorry, boys. Mama doesn’t play that game.

6. He Refuses to Acknowledge Me For Days at a Time

Whenever I feel I have not been getting enough attention, I act out. I become petty, dramatic and prone to loud displays of Performative Sulking. Adorable, right? When men see me behave this way and proceed to entirely disengage from me for several days at minimum, it’s just a testament to how much they’re drawn to my terrible attitude. It’s overwhelming to feel such strong attraction, and I don’t blame them for needing some space to process it.

7. He Tells His Friends I’m “Creepy” or “Seem Crazy”

Flirting is all about power plays, and there is no bigger power play than gas lighting me when I’m a little too enthusiastic about having a crush on you. If you ever hear a man talking about what a fucking stalker weirdo I am, you can rest assured… He’s making his move on me, baby.

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