Cute Phrases that Negate Your Feelings and Make You Seem Dateable

Dating in today’s fast-paced constantly communicating world can be a minefield of mixed messages and wrong impressions. It doesn’t get any easier months into a new relationship. You have to toe the line between superchill chick while still maintaining the burden of having feelings. Luckily, with a few key phrases you can let him know your feelings aren’t that big of a deal and he’ll still want to take you to pound town later!

“I just think…”

The word ‘just’ subconsciously sends the message that these are just thoughts you’re having. There’s no reason to read into them, or pay them much thought at all. After all they’ll just be gone soon, and so will your panties!

“Sometimes I feel like…”

A surefire but subtle way to let him know you are the one he should want to plow on the reg, is to let him know you only feel this way sometimes. When you say this, you let him know you are the cool kind of gal that is able to separate all the wonderful qualities about him from all the horrible traits he has that drive you up the wall. The same wall he will later want to do you against!


This one is key for texting in any scenario. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a serious conversation about your relationship, trying to let him know you are turned up to full horndog, or dropping hints about where he should take you to dinner. The classic “lol” is a perfect way to make him think you’re kidding if he isn’t totally feeling it. And who doesn’t love a girl with a sense of humor?!

“Idk, it’s weird”

Nothing is more dateable than the admission your feelings are abnormal and no one normal on earth has ever had them before. Trying to explain to him you feel uncomfortable when he brings up other girls right in front of you? Slip in this key phrase to let him know you are humble about your flaws of having genuine sub-human feelings. He’ll pitch a tent right in his pants when he notices how down-to-earth an alien can be!

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