You Deserve Love & Happiness- A Quick Refresher

You do.

Along the way, people have told you that you don’t.

You may have even told yourself that at some points.

You may have done some things that weren’t great or said some things weren’t great; you may have hurt some people, you may have hurt someone. It may have been an accident. It may have been on purpose. It may have come from anger. It may have come from insecurity. Have you learned from it? Have you made amends in an unselfish way?

Forgive yourself.

Give yourself a break.

Remind yourself that plenty of people find love and happiness and you’re not special. You’re not some special garbage weirdo who was rendered unlovable at birth. Think of all the special garbage weirdos you love and how much they mean to you. You’re that to someone too.

Okay, that’s all I got.



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