Eating Paleo? Try Dating Paleo!


It happened again, instead of having an actual conversation with my significant other, I spent thirty minutes googling solutions to our conflict, and then I just texted a casual response. This exchange really got me thinking, what did people do before they could google stupid relationship problems or personal issues? Ask other people? Give up? People are all about eating paleo, but why not try dating paleo!

Communication– They didn’t have cell phones in Paleolithic times, so put away your cell phones and talk to each other! Not too mention, a lack of a written language at all. If you ghosted on someone in Paleolithic times, it’s because you were literally a ghost!

Lifespan– Speaking of ghosting, date like you’re in the Paleolithic era means live it up you’re going to die young anyway! This actually isn’t too different from the current dating scene if you’re a woman, lmao women older than 25 are practically ancient anyway am I right? Go out there and find your soulmate because it’s really not that big of a commitment anyway.

Hunting and Gathering– Make that guy you met on tinder with the dead animal in his picture really show you what he’s made of! Take all your dates hunting and gathering for food. Who needs a movie date when you can forage for survival? If your date doesn’t make it back, that’s survival of of the fittest, much easier than swiping left.

Hopefully, this article has helped you out and enlightened you and after reading it on your mobile device, you smash said device against a wall, and evolve into a better dater.


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