Helpful Tips for When You’re Being Talked Over

We all have moments when we are talked over. Maybe, we are mumbling, maybe we aren’t confident in what we are saying, maybe we have spent our whole lives being told that the things we say don’t have value because of our gender. Maybe, our whole lives have been spent making jokes only to have them repeated more loudly by men around us for more laughs, getting labeled as “annoying” instead of the “class clown” superlative he got. I’m looking at you, Steven. So what do we do? How do we fix it? Why is this on us?

1. Speak Up- just kidding, this is shitty advice that you’ve already tried.

2.Pass out voice changers to all men in the room before you start speaking, make sure instead of “cool anonymous witness” voice they are set to “mouse whimper”

3. Have all ideas written in the sky written by a small plane. I googled this but there doesn’t seem to be a groupon. If you own a sky writing business, how about a groupon?

4. The moment that someone first talks over you in a meeting, look them dead in the eye, say very calmly, “You must not have realized I was speaking,” reveal that you’re wearing breakaway pants, break away them to reveal you’re wearing Britney’s outfit from her circus music video, moonwalk around the room.
Or maybe we could just try listening to women, all women.


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