This Google Doodle Makes America Fun and Approachable



Let’s take a closer look at the gang:

Mr. Cool Dude right here! His future’s so bright he’s gonna need shades– because he has been afforded the privilege of being a straight, white, cis-male star who benefits from our system of government in ways that he can’t even fathom.

Starla and Estrella are in an interracial, same sex relationship, but as anthropomorphized white stars, you would never know! Therefore, they don’t live in constant fear of harassment and violence on the street, and have never been kicked off public transportation for holding hands.

This patient and loving soul gave up her spot at the front of the line to let everyone else get their food before her, simply out of the kindness of her heart, not because as a woman she is socialized to put the needs of men before her own.


Big daddy double teaming hot dogs for the grill! Total throwback to the days before you grew up and realized that being an adult is horrifyingly challenging and death lurks around every corner and mass produced weapons are hidden among us and our politicians refuse to listen to our voices and our water is being poisoned and our children are being shot and our friends and family are being persecuted for their skin color and religious beliefs and we’re all slowly sinking into such great debt and instability that the great crushing weight of it all is surely going to break us down entirely. Fun!

Toot toot toot on that patriotic flute, my guy. God bless America.

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