I’m Buying A Crop Top at Forever 21 And The Two Jr High Girls Behind Me Aren’t Judging Me

I’m going to wear it with something high waisted, I promise. I don’t have to worry about school dress codes anymore. I’m a woman in the prime of my life! I can wear what I want. Are you snap chatting me? I know what snapchat is. I’ve watched a vine before. I know there’s an Ann Taylor around the corner, but I’m not looking for any sort of tunic or silk shirt.

I have a very specific vision in mind for an outfit that includes this crop top. I’m going to look young and chic and put together but in a really aloof and casual way. Like I’m not trying, but I still care. I mean I don’t care. I would like to look nice of course, but if someone is judging me for the way I look, they can buzz right off. I’m not a stylist. I just have some Pinterest boards and sometimes I read fashion blogs on the Internet. Ok, more like buzzfeed articles about good office dresses under $50. Champagne taste baby, champagne taste.
What do you even learn in junior high? I remember learning like US history and also we read a book about the Khmer Rouge. Should I ask them about that? Maybe they’ll think I’m smart. I know about world politics! That disbanded nearly twenty years ago. Don’t talk to them at all. They already hate you for existing. Do they listen to podcasts? It’s weird if you talk to them. Don’t talk to them. Even though they keep staring at you don’t talk to them. They’re not even paying attention to you. You are not back in junior high being bullied for your shirt that says “Angel” on it. You are not that girl anymore and these girls can’t own you!

“Oh, you want to buy this crop top too? It’s on that yellow rack over there next to the entrance. Yah, it’s supes cute, supes.”

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