A Guide To Dealing With Subtweeting: Illustrated by Popular Male Figures

Listen, it happens to the best of us in the digital age. We get subtweeted. I’ve dealt with it. You’ve dealt with it. Some of you are googling, “what is subtweeting”  right now, and you’ll soon find out, you’ve been subtweeted. Maybe, you were subtweeted on Facebook or instagram, that’s a thing. But it’s happened and now you need this guide to deal with it.

Step One: Finding Out


Maybe you see it, maybe some one has to tell you because you are kind of oblivious, but it hurts all the same.

Step Two: Being Confused


Is this really about me? Am I being a narcissist? I’m not sure. What’s happening here?

Step Three: Try and Figure Out If This Is Your Fault


Really stew on it. Let it dig into your own psyche. Wonder about every decision you’ve ever made and every word you’ve ever said. Focus on the fact that you aren’t perfect and you never will be. Hold yourself to a higher standard than is humanly possibly for anyone to actually achieve.

Step Four: Fuck it, Just Handle it Like Don Draper



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