Your Weekly Horoscope (Written by Someone Who Is Very Sad and Tired)

Welcome to your weekly SuperGlooze horoscope! Wow, things are Not Great here in the United States right now. I am sure that you, like me, are feeling devastated and powerless in response to the many recent violent tragedies. It’s important for us to remember our strengths in these times and how we can do the most good.

ARIES: You are right to be angry, and your anger can be a powerful motivator on top of your natural drive. Use it as a reason to do good where you can, and to urge others to take up the cause where you cannot.

TAURUS: You have an unrivaled capacity for patience. While everyone else is rushing off to make grand gestures, you understand the need for that quiet, slow work that so often gets overlooked.

GEMINI: You are the communicator, and you’re always connected. Bring people together. Unite them for the greater good. You don’t just have a lot of friends. You have an army.

CANCER: You are unmatched in your ability to balance strength and tenderness. You are the ideal protector of the vulnerable. Remind them that not only are they loved, they are defended. 

LEO: Not much can keep you from using your voice to fight for what is right. Don’t stop now. You can’t change anyone’s mind or heart in one argument, but people do change, slowly and after repeated, consistent guidance. Your words are a part of that.

VIRGO: You cannot fix everything yourself. You will work in your own way to serve the people, but remember that you must work alongside the people to make the kind of difference you hope for.

LIBRA: You don’t want to take sides. You want everyone to get along. But you need to give people the space they need to fight for their causes and to disagree. It is admirable to advocate for peace, but what is more important: getting along or promoting what is right?

SCORPIO: Put your exceptional focus to work where it will serve the greater good. Not that there is anything wrong with having hobbies or personal goals, but think of how powerful a force for good you could be with your dedication.

SAGITTARIUS: Go where you are needed. You will find what you need wherever you go, so go where you can do the most good.

CAPRICORN: You feel best when you are working practically to effect tangible change. Too many people are all talk and no actual work, but that does not have to be you.

AQUARIUS: There are some problems you cannot solve, but you will not know what they are until you try. Your skills and your intellect are too valuable for us to lose.

PISCES: You feel everything, and that can be hard. Don’t push it away. Let the pain of others have a place in your life. This is what will make your empathy a source of safety for the vulnerable.

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