Is Jenny Lewis a Cult Leader and Why Am I Not In That Cult?

If you have ever been a young adolescent girl searching for a deeper meaning in life, you may have run into Rilo Kiley lead singer, Jenny Lewis, on that search. You may have clapped along to “With Arms Outstretched” or cried silent sad tears “A Better Son/Daughter.” And you have definitely asked yourself, Is Jenny Lewis a cult leader and why I am I weirdly okay with that?

Exhibit A: Rilo Kiley


The beginning stages of her desire to form a cool, accepting cult. She wasn’t necessarily the leader all the time, Blake sang some songs, but she was starting to mold and shape her young flock. Teaching them how to be cool, independent forward thinking women.

Exhibit B: The Watson Twins


The mark of a good cult leader is some bomb ass disciples and the Watson twins were definitely that. Plus this album was meant to lull you into submission and then make you “rise up with fists.”

Exhibit C: Voyager


Transformation complete. No cult leader has ever looked cooler. And if you watch the video for “Just One of The Guys” you can see she has expanded her loyal band of followers. This is the choice you want to choose. Love Jenny Lewis forever!


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