Sorry That All The Advice I Gave You Was Stuff I Needed To Hear Myself

You came to me as a friend in a time of need. Maybe because I seem like a well adjusted person? Or maybe because I was just around? And instead of listening to you, I half listened and gave you the advice I needed to hear myself, isn’t that always the case. So here’s what I said, because if I needed to hear it and you needed to hear it, maybe someone else needs to hear it too.

Let yourself be happy.

Don’t find reasons to pick apart situations or dwell on things. It’s okay to let yourself be happy. I don’t like saying that people deserve things because I think that tries to apply some kind of karmic retribution to this universe, but I do know you and you’re my friend and you’re amazing and you deserve all of the best things in life. You don’t have to be a sunshine person all the time, but let yourself enjoy the best moments of life. Paint your fingernails, read that comic book, have a glass of wine. Don’t be afraid to go for things because you are capable of getting things. You are capable of so much if you just let yourself be.

Give yourself a break.

I mean it. Stop agonizing over that weird offhand remark you made to that hot guy two weeks ago. A symptom of being human is that we make mistakes and we make missteps, and if you were perfect all the time you wouldn’t be a human you would be a cyborg and you would exist in the Doctor Who Universe. Also, no one is thinking about that one weird thing you said two weeks ago because they’re too busy thinking about their own weird thing they said to someone. Believe it or not, you are not the most awkward human in the universe. We don’t always react in one hundred percent perfect ways; we don’t always handle situations in the very best way and sometimes it takes one or two tries and occasionally that means someone get hurts in the process of you working out your own humanity. And that sucks. But it’s life, and you just have to admit your mistake, apologize sincerely, and move the fuck on with it.

You’re Okay

Chaos exists in natural systems. It’s a natural thing. So when chaos exists in your life, that’s natural right? (Pls don’t write me I am not a mathematician, I got a C in Business Math). Whatever’s happening right now, it’s okay. You have two feet on the ground, unless you’re reading this from an airplane, hot air balloon, or submarine. You have me. You probably can list off other things you have that are comforting to you. Whatever is happening, you’re okay.

So I don’t know, did this help? I’m not sure. I’m going to reread it.


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