Six Things I Refuse to Apologize For Because I’m a Feminist

I’m a fierce feminist kween, and I refuse to be anything but unapologetic. Here are all the things I refuse to let society shame me for.

1. Hurting Jenna’s Feelings

Look, if I were actually trying to make Jenna feel bad about herself, I could have done a lot better than “Are you sure you want to wear that?” Please, that’s nothing! I’m honest, and I speak my mind. I’m a bold and brassy feminist! Take me or leave me.

2. Wearing a Native American Headdress to Coachella

Disrespectful to Native American culture? Try disrespectful to me as a feminist woman! Stop trying to police my fashion choices, Patriarchy!

3. Only Casting White People In My TV Show 

What, I’m supposed to solve every problem now? My TV show stars women because I’m a feminist. And the women are white because I’m white. Why would I need to represent any other perspectives? I refuse to apologize for being born this way!

4. Misgendering Caitlyn Jenner

Relax, it was part of a joke. We all need time to adjust, anyway. Why should I apologize for that? Learning and growing is for people who aren’t already feminists!

5. Telling Jenna to Lose Some Weight

I’m worried about her health okay? What now I gotta be sorry for caring about my friend’s health and also how she measures up to my personal standard of beauty? Feminists care about women.

6. Casting White People as Non-White Characters in My Movie 

Yeah, but my movie stars me, a woman. Feminism: ever heard of it?

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