On Adele and Having It All


My apartment is kind ofnice. I bought these matching Gordon Ramsey dishes. I re-covered my great aunt’s sofa with this really nice gray fabric so it looks like you could’ve bought it at Urban Outfitters, instead of inheriting it from her when she moved into a nursing home. But I didn’t buy it at Urban Outfitters because I’m a responsible consumer. In fact, responsible is really my definitive adjective. I have a dog that I feed and keep vaccinated. I take her on walks, and if I can’t take her on walks I pay for doggie day care. I have a goddamn 401k. My parents are proud of me.

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Bachelorette Party: Week Six

Welcome back to Bachelorette Party, the only Bachelorette recap series you’ll ever need! Apologies for the mid-season hiatus. I have been very busy with life and such, but I am back this week to continue throwing my thoughts on the weird love lives of a bunch of strangers in your faces!

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A Guide To Dealing With Subtweeting: Illustrated by Popular Male Figures

Listen, it happens to the best of us in the digital age. We get subtweeted. I’ve dealt with it. You’ve dealt with it. Some of you are googling, “what is subtweeting”  right now, and you’ll soon find out, you’ve been subtweeted. Maybe, you were subtweeted on Facebook or instagram, that’s a thing. But it’s happened and now you need this guide to deal with it.

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What The LGBTQ Community Doesn’t Need From Straight Allies

In the aftermath of the devastating hate crime recently committed in Orlando, it is more important than ever that straight allies to the LGBTQ community offer their support. It is also increasingly clear to me that many, perhaps even most, straight allies are in need of some guidance on how to provide support in a respectful and effective way.

So. What do we NOT need from you right now? What do we need you to stop doing? This isn’t going to be particularly pleasant for either of us, so let’s rip this band-aid off, shall we?

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My Mom Hasn’t Stopped Crying

My mom hasn’t stopped crying since Sunday.
She is the mom to three kids, and a mom at heart to many more.
One of her three kids is lgbtq,
one of her kids is always in danger, simply for existing, for walking out the door.

My mom hasn’t stopped crying since Sunday.
I honestly don’t blame her.
Some things are so sad that all the tears in the world can’t save them.
Some things are so bad that all the love in the world can’t dissuade them.

My mom hasn’t stopped crying since Sunday.
She’s been holding all their faces in her heart.
She sees their faces every day in her kids.
All their deaths are tearing her apart.

My mom hasn’t stopped crying since Sunday.
She was thinking how far we had come.
How far she herself has come.
And now instead of hope, all she feels is numb.

My mom hasn’t stopped crying since Sunday,
and I hope the world weeps with her.
That we hold each other and move forward, stronger, louder, all together.

I haven’t stopped crying since Sunday.

Author’s note: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-help-orlando-shooting_us_575eb266e4b0e39a28ae14ee


Your Weekly Horoscope (Written by Someone Who Is Very Sad and Tired)

Welcome to your weekly SuperGlooze horoscope! Wow, things are Not Great here in the United States right now. I am sure that you, like me, are feeling devastated and powerless in response to the many recent violent tragedies. It’s important for us to remember our strengths in these times and how we can do the most good.

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Trusty Goats, It’s Friday

Every week, we the contributors of Superglooze are going to round up some things that we have been really enjoying this week and share them with anyone willing to give it a try. We’ll try and keep a good mix of free/paid/subscription stuff because unlike a tree, we aren’t made of money.

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Is Jenny Lewis a Cult Leader and Why Am I Not In That Cult?

If you have ever been a young adolescent girl searching for a deeper meaning in life, you may have run into Rilo Kiley lead singer, Jenny Lewis, on that search. You may have clapped along to “With Arms Outstretched” or cried silent sad tears “A Better Son/Daughter.” And you have definitely asked yourself, Is Jenny Lewis a cult leader and why I am I weirdly okay with that?

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