Seven Things to Leave at His Apartment to Ensure He Never Forgets You

The start to relationships can get a little weird, a little hazy. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re really dating someone or if you’re just hanging out or what the H is going on! DearSilvr might be like “hey, have a serious conversation with the person you’re interested in dating!” But instead, consider this option, you can just leave stuff all over his apartment to make sure whoever comes there next knows that you own the place! writer’s note: thank you to my friend Danielle for bouncing this idea around with me. 

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A Guided Meditation For Bedtime


We have all had those horrible nights where no matter how mentally and physically exhausted we are, we just cannot seem to fall asleep. Well, don’t spend all night tossing and turning and wishing for the sweet release of death sleep! I have a guided mediation for you that will put you right out, just so long as you stay focused and closely follow every step.

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Create Your Own Internet Comment

Finding fresh new ways to tear down strangers on the internet is hard. Use this handy guide to help determine what your next hate-filled internet comment should be!

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Coming Into Ficus

It was around September when I bought the indestructible Aloe vera plant, which is currently residing in/ overtaking the built-in shelves of my old Dallas apartment. I looked it up once and my apartment was built in 1963, which by Dallas standards is old, but by other cities standards would be practically brand new. The 1963 part is also important because it’s the year Dallas got the nickname “City of Hate” after being the scene of one of our most popular presidents last breath. You’ve come through a lot little apartment.

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Thoughts on Adulthood From Inside the Duvet Cover That I’m Trapped In


I used to be 19 years old, most of us did. I used to be 19 and young and full of knowledge and dating my 19 year old boyfriend, and my mom and I went to buy a duvet from Tuesday morning for my new full size bed that I had gotten for my first apartment. Now, seven years later, I am older and dumber and I still have that same duvet. However, somehow in the past seven years it had wandered into some dog puke, parts of it had turned purple from the cool ruffle duvet cover that had bled onto it for some reason. And when I looked at it, it made me sad, so I did an adult thing and threw it out and bought a new one and a new cover too. And then, even though there are instructions on the package, I got stuck inside of my new duvet cover as I tried to put it on my new duvet. As I had a mild panic attack that I was going to die 26 and alone inside my apartment, only to be found later half eaten by my dog, I thought a lot about what it means to grow up.

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DEAR SILVR, WEEK 4: Life Hacking Champagne Bottles

Dear Everyone,

Yet another person (@zsinjeh) has requested I provide a life hack regarding opening champagne bottles. I’ve wanted to help readers with this one for a while, but I never know enough about them to provide the appropriate champagne bottle life hack. Therefore, I have created a quiz which will determines which life hack is best for you. Have fun, and don’t forget to submit your success stories in the comments!