Should We Communicate? Y or N?


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and how much is too much and how much is just enough. I like to put all of my emotions in a bottle, put that bottle up on a high shelf, keep it up there for way too long and then one day crawl up there like the girl from the exorcist and smash the bottle with a sledgehammer, releasing all my emotions at once on whatever poor soul is closest to me. I realize this may not be the most healthy way to handle things. So I did what anyone does when they think about things for too long, I took to the Internet!

And since that wasn’t helpful I wrote a blog:

Too Little Communication– What is too little communication? Only sending me carrier pigeons, going back in time to when telegrams were still available and only sending me those (stop). Getting mad at me because I got pizza crumbs in the bed when I was having a “drink wine from the bottle and eat cold pizza in bed” night and instead of talking to me about it, holding that inside until one day you get so fed up that you dump all my pizza on the floor and pour Chardonnay on it. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it! I think we can all agree that some communication is important to every relationship. Like I don’t text my boss what I had for breakfast but I will text him if I’m going to be late that day, healthy communication. If your boyfriend goes to Spain for three weeks and only has Internet to skype you a few times, that’s probably fine, if he goes to Spain for three weeks and accidentally face times you when he’s making out with a Spanish cutie, maybe some more communication is necessary.

Too Much Communication– This definitely varies based on the relationship and people involved. For me, I don’t need to talk to you all day everyday which these little pocket computers make very easy to do! I don’t need a pic of every meal and every bowel movement, keep the mystery alive baby! This can also manifest in different ways, we don’t have to have a two hour talk every time I get annoyed that you’re playing video games instead of getting ready to go, if it’s a recurring problem we can talk about it, but if I roll my eyes once it may just be best to let go and let God. I’m not really that mad that you crop dusted me as we were eating breakfast and in an hour I’ll have forgotten about it completely so we don’t need to chart out our emotional progress in a large diagram on a whiteboard.

Goldilocks Communication– Goldilocks is a fairy tale and this doesn’t exist. Most of your relationships are going to springboard between the first two types of communication without any warning and it’s going to be tough and it’s going to a lot of work to find a good medium. If you do find someone who communicates in a similar way to you, propose to them on the spot… But talk about it first.

2 thoughts on “Should We Communicate? Y or N?

  1. Darcylou; first instincts are usually correct and I can’t get past the bottling stage and into the distribution stage. How do I get past this desire to ferment some grade A vitriol?


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