Tom Crush Tuesday

Snuggled right between Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday is that dangerous 24 hour wasteland called Tuesday. With no guidance on who to crush on, where to throw to, or which all knowing deity you should thank, here are a few ways to celebrate this sacred day.

Tom Crush Tuesday: MySpace Tom is the ultimate sex symbol of the early to mid 2000s. Take a moment this Tuesday to reminisce about his gloriously blurry face, sweet sideburns, and the gentle hug of that delicious white tee. Hubba Hubba!


Taco Crunch Tuesday: Yum, yum, yum! Crunch on a taco if you feel like ingesting a nice treat on this here second day of the week. It doesn’t matter if it’s soft or hard, wrap your maw around a taco and enjoy!


Tasty Cake Tuesday: What a better way to finish off your taco meal than with a delicious pastry treat! As far as I’m concerned, unless you live in the greater Philadelphia area, cake is spelled with a ‘C,’ and this Tuesday, you just gotta chow down on a tasty one.


Tetronarce californica Tuesday: That’s right! Today’s the day to celebrate the beautiful Tetronarce californica, commonly known as the Pacific electric ray. This beautiful torpedo is unique to the coastal waters of the northeastern Pacific Ocean, residing between Baja California and British Columbia. It typically inhabits sandy flats, rocky reefs, or forests of kelp, from surface level to depths of around 600 or so feet. Measuring up to 4.6 feet long, the electric ray is decorated with smooth spiracles (respiratory openings), and ranges from dark slate gray to brown, with dark spots. Typical of the Tetronarce genus, the ray’s body is rounded with a pectoral fin disc wider than it is long, and a thick tail with two, unequally sized dorsal fins, and a developed caudal fin. This solitary, nocturnal ray is capable of generating electricity-up to 45 volts!-for the purpose of self defense, or capture of prey. The large, electric ray feeds mostly on small, bony fish, which it actively hunts and ambushes at night. Humans should treat this gorgeous creature with care, as it has been known to attack or act in an aggressive manner when provoked. Watch out, divers! Luckily, this majestic creature is not under any concern from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, as it is not fished in significant bounty. So cool!


Thank Chanson Tuesday: Call up your friend Chanson and thank him for being a buddy!

Artistic rendering of my friend Chanson.

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