What To Do When You Have A Crush


Recently, I asked my very smart and pretty friend Kate for some advice on what to do when you have a crush, and she was able to help me out with some words of wisdom. When you have a crush, you may want to do thing like: talk to them, flip your hair, blink your eyes at them like a cartoon rabbit, etc., but why not really let them know you like them? Here are some tips for going beyond casual flirting:

1. Tag them in local news articles that you think are funny or interesting, do not add your own commentary, simply just tag their names. Your crush will think you are well-read and hilarious. Good articles could include: “Baby Shark Latches Onto Woman’s Arm at Beach in Boca Raton,” “This Woman is Looking for a Home for Her House Broken Bison,” “A Flight Attendant Allegedly Stole Nearly 1,500 Mini Bottles Of Alcohol From Her Job”

2. Write their name on the walls of cool bathrooms of places they hang out. Again, don’t include their phone number or your name, just lau claim to all the local bathrooms in their name. They’ll be so impressed by how much you get out and your drive to build their brand.

3. Make some cool memes. Just post them on Facebook, hope they notice. If you’re feeling really bold, post them to r/me_irl and see if you can’t reap some sweet, sweet karma for all your hard work. If they don’t notice all the cool memes you made, start Photoshopping their face into some of the memes, but DO NOT tag them.


So there you have it, some helpful dating advice from me and Kate for when you feel like you need to go that extra mile. I can’t say that this has worked for me, but I can safely say that it’s worth a try.

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