Travel Globally, It’s Friday

Every week, we the contributors of SuperGlooze are going to round up some things that we have been really enjoying this week and share them with anyone willing to give it a try. We’ll try and keep a good mix of free/paid/subscription stuff because unlike a tree, we aren’t made of money.

Ashley: The only piece you need to read about Beyoncé’s Lemonade is this write-up of a talk given by Roxane Gay on the subject. “By the power of Beyoncé, I’ll overcome my fear.” I also read a really insightful and kickass essay over at The Establishment entitled White Men Don’t Own Nerd Culture, And I’m Not Stealing It, and I think you all should read it too. Especially you, white men.



DLou: Justin Timberlake dropped a new single today and I cannot stop dancing around my cubicle to it! My coworkers are unimpressed. Also, just give in and read the UCB improv Manual. It’s  very good and it makes you think a lot about the what and why of improv.


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