Ode to My Social Media Presence

A quip, a joke, whatever your heart’s desire
It really works best if it’s a topical jab
A timely live tweet, or how you like to dab.
140 characs to make your tweet game on 🔥

A funny bit, a cute selfie, or an in-car rap.
A really good face swap or cool new location.
Let your followers know about your bomb ass vacation.
Keep your story poppin’ cause now you can snap

Share a macro from you local radio station, make everyone look.
Post your shows and events, use it just for promotion.
Show your favorite political figure your unwavering devotion.
Message exes and hopefuls, why do we even still have Facebook?

Answer questions or make your voice in slo-mo.
Your answers should be silly or dark but most of all funny.
Dress your mii up real cute, half princess half bunny.
It’s the newest rage, just download miitomo.

But look up once in awhile, close that app.
Don’t miss life’s real moments cause all the rest is just crap.


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