6 Manatees That Are More Emotionally Available Than My Ex Boyfriend


Manatees – the beautiful, gentle giants from the sea. Allow these kind and gentle creatures to encourage you in a way that your trash ex could never.

This sweet baby always wants to know how your day was, even if you look like you’re in a bad mood.

West Indian manatee

These adorable love bugs want to make you tea and gently stroke your hair.


This kind boy is making you cookies, and definitely won’t chastise you for eating too much when you have more than 2.


This kind-eyed heart throb will tell you you’re beautiful even when his bros are around.



This delightful sweetie won’t come up with multiple excuses to avoid having dinner with your mom, finally begrudgingly coming over for 45, only to let you know afterwards that your mom is hotter than you.


This thoughtful cherub would never sleep with Mollie while you’re gone camping for the weekend.


These manatees are better than you, James.


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