Things That Are Making Me Cry This Week

I’m a human person with feelings and emotions, and sometimes things make me cry. So, in the vein of one of my favorite podcasts Crybabies, I thought it would be fun/interesting/sad to share some of the things that made me cry this week. This may also show what a completely lame person I am.

1. The song “It’s Quiet Uptown” from Hamilton. A lot of the slower songs from Hamilton make me cry, and this song is a pretty obvious one because it occurs after a dramatic event in the Hamilton’s lives. However, the line from the song that really gets me is from Hamilton to Eliza, when he sings “But I’m not afraid, I know who I married.” Two of my close friends have gotten engaged/married in the past year and every time I hear that line I think of them and all the years to come in their relationships and all of the things that can/will happen because life is topsy turvy and you can’t control it. But then I know they’ll be okay because they picked the right person to marry, and in the song it’s both a concession and a statement of purpose for Hamilton. Y’all the tears are flowing.


2. Level 1 Improv Shows– This weekend I got to watch three level one improv shows. I got to watch two of these from the side of the room because I was working in the theater so I was a bit of an outside observer, but as those classes hit the stage and got their first laugh you could see something change in the demeanor. The game, which before this moment had been scary, suddenly became fun. There were people in the audience who had never seen live, local comedy and were experiencing it for the first time. One guy in the audience started fist pumping when an improviser made a good joke. The room was full of people who loved the people on stage and people who loved doing what they were doing, and this person just couldn’t handle it!
3. The Rockets losing in the playoffs. I know. Listen, sometimes I’m a sporto and Houston has had a really rough go of it right now, and I’ve cried after every elimination since 2013, and I get it last years loss was much worse, but last year’s loss was hopeful! We had the dream of most of our team returning, except Josh Smith who was okay sometimes and really great at air-balling threes. We were riding high. And then this season came and everything came crashing down, we barely made it in to playoffs, we got one good win in and then completely and utterly destructed. It’s hard to love a sports team!!!


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