Sorry I Accidentally Went on That Date With You

Last week, I invited my friend Stacy to the movies with me. We had talked about wanting to see The Jungle Book, and I had a gift card to burn so we decided to hit that theater up! An hour or so before, my phone buzzed. “Michael is going to come too, if that’s okay!” I texted back, “cool, the more the merrier!” And went about my day.

We got drinks before the movie, we watched the movie, we laughed, we had a pleasant time, and we went our separate ways, or so I thought.
Later, I opened up my snapchat to see a snap of Stacy and Michael getting drinks nearby. Then, the next day they instagrammed a picture of their brunch while I was at work. On Friday, they were tagged going on a bike ride.
I’m no goddamn Sherlock Holmes, but the entire movie night came rushing back to me through the lens of this blossoming relationship.

Yah, I did think it was a little rude when they split a bottle of wine and didn’t offer me anyway. I really thought they cared about my viewing experience when they asked me to sit in the row in front of them in the theater because that way “the surround sound would sound better.” I thought it was sweet that they put me in an uber and entered my address for me even though I had my car and was fine to drive. Maybe it was a little odd that they stood next to the uber making out for like five minutes before it pulled away.
Looking back it’s very clear to me that I went on Stacy and Michaels first date with them. But I guess that’s a compliment? Like my vibe is so chill that my friends feel comfortable enough to bring me on dates with them. Here’s hoping I’m invited to the year anniversary, but this time I’m not paying!



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