My Parents Teach Me Internet Slang

My parents only very recently traded in their 1999 Nokia cell phones for their first smart phones. “Okay Google, who plays this woman in the movie I’m watching right now?” Mom yells at her phone as if she thinks that if she’s loud enough her phone will turn into real boy.

So, yea, my parents are a little late to the game, but who am I to judge? Only a few months ago, I learned what a meme was, and it still took me weeks after that to build up the courage to actually make one. Obviously, I need help as well. And, when I was a kid, whenever there was something I didn’t understand, like a math assignment or sex, as would many other children, I asked my parents for help. Thus, when I finally decided to tackle the overwhelming task of making sense of internet acronyms, I did what I’ve always done, looked to my parents for guidance.

I sent an e-mail to each of my parents, with the same list of internet acronyms, requesting they provide their best guess at each acronym’s meaning. I encouraged them to not discuss this task with each other or “Okay, Google” anything. Below are the results:

mom and dad response final

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