Ten Gallons, it’s Friday!

Every week, we the contributors of SuperGlooze are going to round up some things that we have been really enjoying this week and share them with anyone willing to give it a try. We’ll try and keep a good mix of free/paid/subscription stuff because unlike a tree, we aren’t made of money.


This week I am reflecting on one of the musical loves of my life, Jenny Lewis, and her time in Rilo Kiley with the song Does He Love You. I got this very cute pug dog ring that my wonderful friend named Rufus, plus 10% of the profits go to the ASPCA and the World Wildlife Fund! I also suggest following Gil Ozeri on snapchat, if that is too much of a commitment I suggest watching his snaps on twitter and then if you’re into it, which you will be, following him on snapchat.

giphy (13)


This week I would like to (once again) recommend Podcasts are Wonderful, a delightful and hilarious podcast about podcasts that had me in tears of laughter multiple times this week. podcast podcast podcast yes I know I’ve said that word too much. I also recommend the concept of getting a full night’s sleep, something I really desperately need right in this very moment.



This week I have been re-listening to an old favorite podcast, The Reality Show Show with hosts Hayes Davenport and Sean Clements (whom you may know as the present hosts of the hilarious Hollywood Handbook). There’s only around 40 episodes of The Reality Show Show, but each of them is a wonderful gift filled with hilarity and charm, even if you’re not super into reality TV. I’d also recommend this very insightful and affecting piece from Jezebel about the generational disconnect in the workplace and how bias against millennials is tearing apart the modern office.


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