A Petrarchan Sonnet for 2016

I tried to write my feelings down in an organized form.
Tbh, punctuation seemed really tough and acronyms so easy.
Ghosts of grammar teachers past saying DLou, you sound so sleazy,
But to deviate from my love of youth culture really felt abnorm

Should I express my self on snapchat? Use Twitter to brainstorm.
No one uses Vine anymore and FB is so cheezy.
smh, what do I do? I’m starting to get queasy.
Should I try to be a writer? Do a thinkpiece long-form?

Then suddenly it came to me, a burst of inspiration,
ayyy lmao these kids attention spans are fleeting.
I took to google image search to really start my scheme
get a funny picture first, pepe, ted cruz or your own creation,
add a joke or sentence to it, the phrase MFW bears repeating.
It’s true, it’s real, the perfect expression of human emotion, lies within the meme.

giphy (12)

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