7 Words and Phrases You Should Know if You Want to Talk Like a Millennial


Language, huh? It’s hard to keep up with all this crazy slang! Fortunately, your resident Youth Culture Expert, Ashley, is here to brief you on all the most essential terms you need to connect to today’s youth.

“Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie”

You’re out at a backyard afternoon function with the squad, turning up and getting lit when you decide it’s time for a second helping of that sweet, sweet grilled shrimp. You head over to the buffet table only to discover that, gasp! The shrimp platter is empty! What are the magic words to help you scratch that charcoal-infused prawn-flavored itch? Give your boy Trevor the Grill Master that holler. “Throw another shrimp on the barbie, baby!”

“On Drugs”

Want to know the secret code the cool kids use to let their bros know they’re artificially turnt? If you hear a millennial whisper “I’m on drugs,” you just landed yourself with some hot gossip.


Previous generations have long struggled to come up with a word to call their friends when they’re being cranky and killing the vibe. No longer! If you get called a “grumpus” by a millennial, you better slap on a smile and stop being such a buzzkill, bruh.


You know that weird vegetable with all the tiny yellow pieces that come stuck to a cob-like structure? Today’s youth have discovered a name for it, and that name is “corn”.

“Wimmy Wam Wam Wazzle”

First uttered by Slurms McKenzie on the seminal, groundbreaking TV show Futurama in 1999, this catchphrase immediately took off like wildfire with the small children watching at home. It doesn’t mean a thing, but you’ll still catch millennials shouting it to each other in greeting to this day, so ingrained into their lexicons it has become. 


“LMAO” is a common abbreviation among the millennial generation that stands for Leonard Maltin Attacked Oprah. Example: “holy gee whiz fam u watchin the news? LMAO can u believe dis?”

“Ye Olde”

Using this phrase started as an ironic practice by youths but quickly became so ubiquitous, it’s now regarded as genuine. You can throw the phrase “ye olde” in front of just about any noun if you want to really earn the trust of ye olde millennial generation. 

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